How To Upgrade MAG 250?

How To Upgrade MAG 250?

By following the following steps you will be able to upgrade your MAG250 STB

  • Open up “Settings” of the internal portal;
  • Choose “Update software now”;
  • In the newly opened window “Auto update” choose the list for “Available versions” by pressing “OK” – The latest available version is on top of all the list;
  • Choose necessary firmware version you want;
  • Move “focus” to “Update” using buttons on your remote control which is (up, down, left and right);
  • Choose “Update” by pressing “ОК” on remote control;
  • Wait till the STB is done updating. The STB will reboot automatically after it has done the update.


From the “System Settings” in the internal software (From HTTP)

In case you are using a standard software image (factory image), software will be updated from the factory server on the current stable version.

  • Go to “System settings” by pressing «Setup», «Services» or «SET» it depends on the version the remote control
  • “Sofware update” – Download method “From HTTP“
  • “Start Update” afterwards “Verify”. If the test is successful you’ll see the information about the availability of the new versions of software.
  • “Start update” – to start the update.
  • After the update is successful, the STB has to be rebooted.

In standard software image (factory image) there are the following updating addresses, please check them if so:

The string can be changed with the virtual keyboard (button “KB” on the Remote Control) or USB keyboard.