What Is MAG 250 Box?

What Is MAG 250 Box?

A very popular set-top box known as MAG 250/254 is a very popular solution combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators also with unrivalled user-friendliness for end consumers who are interested in interactive digital TV.

Basically MAG 250/254 is a programmable hosting solution for IPTV service providers. Usually it is retailed and paired with subscription which is based on service and channel packages & video on demand content.

MAG STB is more designed to offer a IPTV solution, although it has a few apps.

MAG250 is a plug-and- play box that has a whole set of functions, it has for example such as playback of all of the UK TV channels in high quality, video on demand and streaming video support.

With all that said, supporting video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for digital channels (Full HD 1080р), MAG250/254 meet all up-to-date requirements for multimedia solutions.


How To Find A Reliable Service Provider?

Every kind of TVLuux.com services are available on MAG 250 set top boxes. Once you get a subscription, you can use it for both web and set top box access to channels and movies. TVLuux allow simultaneous usage of the website and set top box, so you can watch two different channels in the same time, using one subscription.


48 H Trial From TVLuux

If you already got the box, you can get a 48 h trial from TVLuux without any extra charges and fees.

If you do not have the box yet, you can get it directly from the manufacturer, distributors in your region, TVLuux webshop or from any other shop.