How To Setup IPTV Stalker

How To Setup IPTV Stalker

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How To Setup IPTV Stalker

1. Download the and save to you USB.
2. Open Kodi.
3. Select SYSTEM > settings.

How to configure IPTV Stalker
4. Select Add-ons.

How to setup MAG254
5. Select Install from zip file.

IPTV service provider Stalker client
6. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip file and select

Xtream client monthly subscription

7. Select Video add-ons > Xtream-codes IPTV > Configure.

Configure Xtream-Codes Plugin

8. Configure Xtream-Codes plugin like below

Portal IPTV Service Provider

9. The add-on can now be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-ons

Access your TV channels