How To Hack MAG 250?

How To Hack MAG 250?

MAG 250/254 is based on a Linux box, not based on an android box. To be exact Linux isn’t an OS. Linux is a kernel. Tons of things runs a Linux kernel but unfortunately can’t have Kodi installed. A cable box from a cable company that has a Linux kernel, but an OS that are not compatible at all, even if it was “open”.

It isn’t an easy mission to install XBMC/Kodi on an Linux based box, because the MAG 254 is just made for single purpose as an IPTV box, not a general purpose box.

In my opinion, its easier to get a high performance Android box, and install Kodi and STB emulator in practice, better than to repurpose the MAG STB. If Infomir was able to make it work (they have done it with MAG 260), I’m pretty sure they would have already done it.

MAG 254 uses the Linux 2.6.23 and those who are familiar with Linux 2.6.23 are fully aware of how to hack the STB.


Kodi Or Not?

Kodi is described and known as being ‘open source’.  What does that mean?  It means the programming code used to write the program is open for everybody with programming knowledge to make change, edit, modify.

We believe that, to provide the most reliable IPTV service, we need a more professional and better platform to send our IPTV streams to – and that device is no more than the MAG 250 from Infomir.

Kodi (formerly known XBMC) is a free media player software application which is developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit foundation technology consortium and Kodi can be installed on a lot of devices, from your Microsoft Xbox to your laptop.  In my experience, Kodi is for ‘tinkerers’.  It’s good to play with, but does not provide the reliability that our clients expect in mind.


Monthly Subscription Vs Kodi?

Of course the monthly subscription is more convenient that Kodi. Visit and you will find great deals.